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released September 18, 2011




MUNCHAUSEN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Suburban Squares
I'm tired of bullshit
So sick of the daily grind
If I stick around much longer
I'm gonna lose my fucking mind

Living in the suburbs
Got me down
There ain't no life
To be found
Everybody drives an SUV
In this town
All they ever think about is Me! Me! ME!

Now it's four in the morning
I haven't slept since I-don't-know-when
I've gotta be up in two hours
Gonna start this shit again!
Track Name: Drained
Treat me like I'm not there
I'll sit here and burn shit, I don't care
We spent all night at the 7-11
Scratching lotto tickets, hoping for a big win

But that's not what we got

Lately I've been fucking up
I'm stressing out, I hurt myself
I'm in a spiral down
It's the only way out of town

I saw a cop with a noose
You were in the river, I think he knew
It wasn't long after that
There's no way you could come back

I go to school, I sit in class
I wanna kick my own ass
I watch them all decay
I know that I'm the same way

It won't be too long now...
Track Name: Couch Rot
Like a fish
That can't swim
I stay here and drown

Like a bird
That can't fly
I collect dust in this town
I waste away on the couch

"Death comes swiftly
To those who wait"
But I've been waiting so long
I'd welcome any change

Stagnant air
Pollutes our lungs
But We've been trained
To hold our tongues